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Why You Need Life Insurance

Why-Life-Ins-PicPurchasing life insurance is a very important decision. It gives your loved ones security and peace of mind. If you die prematurely, what would replace your income? How would daily expenses be paid? How would your mortgage be paid? How would other debts be paid? How would your children go to college? These are all questions worth thinking about. Life insurance safeguards the livelihood of your family. Even if you live a very healthy lifestyle, life insurance is still a very critical component of planning your retirement.

• While you are young,life insurance is normally least expensive saving you thousands of dollars and providing you protection as changes in your life occur (marriage,home purchase,children)
• Did you know that there are policies, for those that qualify,that return 100% of your premiums.
• Did you know that there are policies that allow you to use them to earn money for retirement while having protective ceilings to eliminate chances of 2008 stock crash ever happening to you.

Find out today as there is no obligation what will work best for you. Learn how to protect your family. Learn how to protect your assets. Learn how to grow your assets.

Types of Policies

Whole Life Insurance - Complete Protection
• Fixed premiums
• Tax-deferred cash value that continues to grow
• Guaranteed death benefit
• Can borrow against cash value
• Coverage for life

Term Insurance - Least Expensive
• Easy to manage policy
• Coverage at low rate
• Guaranteed death benefit
• Flexibility in term lengths

Survivorship Life - Covers Two People, Normally Spouses
• Gives control over estate and legacy
• Beneficiaries receive benefit tax free
• Intended for wealth preservation

Universal Life - Adjustable Premiums
• Guaranteed interest rate
• Death benefit can be adjusted annually
• Guaranteed monthly income option for beneficiaries

How Much Life Insurance
Do I Need

The simple answer is that you need enough Life insurance to help take care of your dependents if you die. You will need to consider the amount of debt you own, what your income is, your mortgage obligation and if you have children that will attend college. All of these factors will affect the standard of living your family will have if you are gone.